raveling dates for Gujjars will be on 5th August 2019 and the return would be on 25th August 2019 via Medina with Saudi Airlines as our carrier. This is a kind reminder concerning those who have not taken the required vaccinations for Yellow Fever, Flu, and Meningitis. The vaccination service is available at City Council Clinic situated at City hall, it should be taken 10 days prior to the travel. As for aged Hujjajs kindly consult with your doctor/physician. Those with special conditions or illness should carry all their required medications. There would be a seminar on educating the Hujjajs on how to perform Hajj and everything entailed, therefore you are kindly requested to avail yourself to attend on the following at Jamia Mosque Multipurpose Hall on the dates below: 1. 05th August 2019 from 9.30 am (only Nairobi Hujjajs) 2. 25th August 2019 from 9.30 am (All Kenyan Hujjajs)

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