Marwa Travel can reserve airline tickets for domestic or international flights and provide you with tickets at the best possible rates and in the shortest time.

We use major airline carriers for international travel such as Kenya Airways, Saudia Airline, Egypt Air, Emirates Airline, Yemenian Airline, and Qatar Air just to list a few…

Best prices to all destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe, Far East, and the Middle East. Marwa travel will always be your true and honest friend on board. We pride ourselves on being able to offer discount and lower than advertised prices on many cruises and tour packages



– All the fares are subject to change without any prior notice. The fare will be fixed when you book.

– If you make a reservation a day before or on the departure day, an urgent ticketing fee will be required.

– The seats of the flight could be all booked at the point of your inquiry.

– Please note that an oil surcharge would be charged for any type of ticket due to the rising prices of fuel oil.